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Now is the time!  Volunteer to knock doors, make calls, send texts and help us elect Shapiro, Davis, Fetterman, Dean, Collett, Sanchez and Cerrato!

We need to elect Democrat Josh Shapiro as Governor to protect PA from the repressive Republicans in Harrisburg, and we must hold the House and send John Fetterman to the US Senate to increase our majority. The Supreme Court will no longer protect our rights.  Your votes are the only path forward to save Democracy and ensure that the voice of the overwhelming majority of Americans is heard. 

  • Elect Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis to protect our rights in PA against the attacks of the backward Republican legislature.

  • Elect John Fetterman for Senate and send him to Washington to end the Filibuster and reform the Senate

  • Help us re-elect PA Senator Maria Collett...Our NEW Senator and send her to Harrisburg to work with Governor Shapiro to preserve and expand our rights

  • Let's re-elect Rep Ben Sanchez to PA House District 153 and keep the 153rd Blue

  • Elect Missy Cerrato and flip  PA House District 151.  Send a strong woman to Harrisburg and end the career of the faux moderate that has NOT represented us at all during his time in the state house. New district lines will finally give us a chance to send another strong Democratic woman to Harrisburg

Vote this year on Election Day November 8th - Register by October 24th

Applications for Mail In Ballots are due before November 1st - Apply NOW

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Join us at an Upper Dublin Democratic Committee Meeting

or volunteer your time with various political events.

Contact: Chris Pastore & Ellen Brookstein
UDDC / P.O. Box 1182 / Ft Washington, PA 19034

uddems75@gmail.com  215-713-7464

For Helpful Voter Information:


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Click here to complete an application to vote by mail. 


For the November 8th 2022 General Election, the Montgomery County Board of Elections must receive your application

by 5:00 PM on November 1, 2022. 

Mail in Ballots are due by 8 PM on Election Day to Montgomery County by mail or drop box. Find the nearest box here.

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Voter Registration

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