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Check Your Registration!


Check your registration, find your voting district; locate where you vote; get directions from your home...

EASY AS 1-2-3!

Click on the link below, select Montgomery County,

Enter your name and birthday...


The program will list your voter status, district and polling place.

If you enter your address at the bottom of the screen,

you can also get directions.

Check your voter location by clicking here

                         Sample Results

                             3-1 = District

              Polling Place Location




Check Polling Place Maps

Wards 1-7 click here

Register to Vote!


To vote in Pennsylvania,

you must first register to vote

at least 30 days before the election.

You can register to vote online, by mail,

or at a number of government agencies,

including PennDOT Photo License

and Driver’s License Centers.
Registering to vote

NOTE: October 7, 2019 is the last day to register

before the November 5, 2019 election.



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