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Check out this map to make sure you know your precinct so you know who represents you on the UD Board of Commissioners, at the State House and State Senate and in the US Congress.

For US Congress: Upper Dublin Township is part of US Congressional District 4 and we re-elected Congresswoman Madeleine Dean..

 For PA Senate: Upper Dublin is part of PA Senate 12 and we are represented by Senator Maria Collett.

UD PA House Districts 2022.jpg

For PA House:

Upper Dublin is served by 2 State Representatives and is part of PA House District 151 and PA House District 153. The approximate dividing line is Susquehanna Rd. 


All of the precincts North of Susquehanna are in the PA 151st and are represented by State Rep Melissa Cerrato. Your district includes Ambler, Horsham and several precincts in Montgomery Twp. The 151st also includes Upper Dublin 1-2 as the connection with Ambler Borough. 

The precincts South of Susquehanna are all in the PA 153rd. The district includes most of Abington Twp and is represented by State Rep. Ben Sanchez.  Upper Dublin 5-1 and 5-3 are the only precincts that straddle Susquehanna Rd in the 153rd.

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