Newly Elected Democratic Candidates

NOTE: Montgomery County will be using new voting machines with verifiable paper trail


PA Superior Court (10-year term) 

Vote for both:

Daniel McCaffery

Amanda Green-Hawkins  

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court
(10-year term)

Vote for all three:

Henry S. Hilles III

Melissa Schwartz Sterling

Virgil B. Walker  

Montgomery County Commissioners
(4-year term):

Vote for both:

Kenneth E. Lawrence

Jr. Val Arkoosh  


Montgomery County Row Officers
(4-year term):


Clerk of Courts: Lori Schreiber

Controller: Karen Sanchez

Coroner: Michael Milbourne

District Attorney: Kevin Steele

Prothonotary: Noah Marlier

Recorder of Deeds: Jeanne Sorg

Register of Wills: D. Bruce Hanes

Sheriff: Sean Kilkenny

Treasurer: Jason Salus

Superior Court:

Judge Daniel McCaffery 

Upper Dublin Commissioner (4-year term):

Ward 2: Meredith Ferleger (Special Election, 2-year term)

Ward 3: Gary Scarpello

Ward 5: Cheryl Knight

Ward 6: Alyson Fritzges (Special Election, 2-year term)

Ward 7: Robert McGuckin  


Upper Dublin School Board (4-year term) READ MORE!

Vote for all five:

Darlene Davis

Michael A. Henderson

Jenn Iannitti

Jeffrey Wallack

Art Levinowitz